Holter ECG & Stress ECG

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  • 12 Channel Holter ECG Monitoring System AM-TLC5000

    Brief Introduction

    TCL5000 Dynamic ECG Systems adopts internationally standard 12-lead systems, can record continuously ECG waves for 24-hour, and analyses ECG waves with PC software. It is applicable in hospital and community medical establishment.

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  • Treadmill Stress ECG AM-8000S


    1. Real-time print ECG waveform during collecting, record and save ECG data in whole process
    2. Real-time observe the change of ST segment, Lead selected by user can be magnified, and ST segment data can be calculated automatically.
    3. Adopt screen waveform antialiasing technology, ensures more true waveform and more outstanding detail for ECG wave-form.
    4. Adopt anti-interference technology, which ensures stable baseline and reduces the influence for ECG waveform arising from EMG interference, baseline drift and AC interface.
    5. Standard and user-defined exercise protocol are optional, automatic and instantaneous print function and BP measurement prompt can be set according to exercise phase.
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