About Us

Established in 2008, Apicalmed Ltd has grown to be the premier solutions provider for Medical Equipment and Supplies within the region. Whether you are looking to equip a healthcare center or implement a national project, Apicalmed Ltd is able to respond with the correct quality at internationally competitive pricing.
All that, is backed up by a team of professionally factory trained engineers.
Apicalmed is a reputable distributor/supplier of all types of medical equipment and consumables mainly in East Africa and South Sudan. Our goal is to reach the rest of Africa as the supplier of choice.
We work with various well-known manufacturers and supply only approved equipment and consumables that have passed test of time. We pride ourselves in Quality products and Customer satisfaction is a virtue and our legacy.
We are always exploring new business relations and stand ready to engage in strategic partnerships and building healthy Business to Business (B2B) rapport. With broad reach in East African countries and a total team of over 30 professionals, we hope that in Apicalmed you will find a correct partner. A partner that shall deliver with value and on time.

About Apicalmed

A partner that shall enable you carry out your core business – “treating the patient”. Apicalmed Ltd has the exility and experience to respond to healthcare needs at all levels, from the smallest local facility to projects on
a national scale. With a wide range of in-house stocks at our premises, we are also able to deal with rapid reaction to emergency situations, as well as long term requirements.