Blood Gas Analyzer

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  • Blood Gas Analyzer AM-BG-800

    Dimension (Length*width*Height) 420mm×623mm×410mm

    Weight 25KG

    <b><strong>Main Characteristics</strong></b>

    –Multi-combination parameters

    –Self-made maintenance free electrodes

    –Both for syringes &amp; capillary

    –35UL for capillary, 95UL for whole blood

    –1 min from the aspiration to result

    –Long-lasting fluid system

    –All-in-one design calibrate cartridge

    –Cartridge expiration alarm &amp; residue

    –Preheats reagents &amp; sample

    –Optional Auto QC cartridge with H/M/L level

    –Data storage &gt;5,000

    –Colorful touch screen with high resolution

    –Friendly operation interface

    –Infrared human-detector

    –Rich data management interface

    –Battery backup

    –Build-in thermal printer

    –Convenient bar-code system management

    –Economic cost per test

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