Infant Phototherapy unit

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  • Double Infant Phototherapy Unit AM-AL-200 LED


    Double side phototherapy for more effective radiation

    Upside phototherapy and downside phototherapy can be used separately

    Three levels to adjust the irradiation: Low, Medium, High

    LCD screen of upside phototherapy unit displays therapy time with timer and countdown

    Downside phototherapy unit adopts blue LED bulbs source and independent air-cooling fan

    Upside phototherapy unit adopts big blue LED bulbs, uniform, efficient and long life

    Protect boards of infant bed could be folded down for clinical use

    Light head of upside phototherapy unit can be adjusted 360° horizontally and 180°vertically

    Stand column could be adjusted ±360°

    Anti-rusty aluminum alloy base

    High irradiation, easy to operation and move

    With drawers and lockable castors

    The height of upside phototherapy is adjustable

    Automatically record total used therapy time

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  • Double Infant Phototherapy Unit AM-AL-500 LED


    Small, light and high irradiation

    LED blue light as the radiant source is irradiating uniformly and efficient

    Circle 360 double sides for more effective radiation

    Two phototherapy mode: upside and downside phototherapy, can be use separately

    The electronic ballast makes the power supply adaptable and the power factor high

    Therapy time of phototherapy units from up and down side are displayed separately

    Automatically record each therapy time and total used therapy time

    Air temperature and skin temperature separately displayed

    Power off memory, silence key for alarm, key-locking and self-examination function

    Four alarm functions: Power Failure, Probe Failure, Over Temperature, Fan Failure

    Function of setting up the count-down working time

    It is convenient to know the therapy of the infant through observation ports on both sides

    Adopt air spring structure and the hood is easy to open and close

    The aluminum-magnesium alloy is applied on the base, with two drawers and tray

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  • Infant Phototherapy Unit AM-AL-5 LED


    LED lamp as phototherapy radiating elements

    Irradiance intensity is adjustable in 3 grades: low, middle, high

    LCD screen display therapy time and integral time separately

    Equal light distribution, high intensity

    Quiet, no noise of fan

    Count up timer and count down timer for exact and convenient treatment

    The angle of head and height are adjustable

    Four castors with brake, magal and steel support base

    Long life span LED bulbs

    Using together with infant incubator, infant warmer, baby cradle

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  • Infant Phototherapy Unit AM-B-300


    -3.5 inch LCD TFT color touch control screen

    -Light intensity adjustment with range 0-100% uW/cm2/nm by 5% increments

    -16 pcs super LEDs and 4 pcs white examination LEDs

    -Optional languages support

    -Green LED marking light ensure the users determine the active treatment zone inside ideal efficient area (50*25cm)

    -Effective area illumination and focusing

    -Real time clock and date display on the main screen

    -0-99h treatment Timer & Down-Counter

    -Easy use for incubator and baby cribs

    -Skin temperature measurement

    -360°rotatable head module in all directions

    -Suitable to use stand alone without trolley

    -Light source without emitting heat, UV and IR (super LEDSs)

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