Infant Phototherapy Unit AM-B-300

Infant Phototherapy Unit AM-B-300


-3.5 inch LCD TFT color touch control screen

-Light intensity adjustment with range 0-100% uW/cm2/nm by 5% increments

-16 pcs super LEDs and 4 pcs white examination LEDs

-Optional languages support

-Green LED marking light ensure the users determine the active treatment zone inside ideal efficient area (50*25cm)

-Effective area illumination and focusing

-Real time clock and date display on the main screen

-0-99h treatment Timer & Down-Counter

-Easy use for incubator and baby cribs

-Skin temperature measurement

-360°rotatable head module in all directions

-Suitable to use stand alone without trolley

-Light source without emitting heat, UV and IR (super LEDSs)



Technical Specifications

Light Source 16 Blue Super LED
Examination 4 White LED
Screen Type 3.5inch LCD TFT Color Touchscreen
Light Intensity >85 µw/cm2/nm at distance 30cm

>50 µw/cm2/nm at distance 40cm

>35 µw/cm2/nm at distance 50cm

Wavelength Range 400-550nm (440-460nm peak)
Treatment Life-time of the Lamps 50.000 Hours
Adjustable Irradiance Intensity % 0 – 100 (% 5 increments)
Treatment Timer, counter Type 0 – 99 hours (Counter/Downcounter programmable)
Alarm Silence From touchscreen
Noise Level < 30 dB
Fan Fanless Cooling System
Head Rotation 360 ⁰ in all directions
Working Conditions
Temperature 15°/30° C
Humidity 5 to ≤%99 RH
Electrical Features
Voltage and frequency Customer specified
Power 50 W
Storage Features
Temperature -10 to +40°C
Humidity 0 to %90 RH
Physical Specifications
Width, dimension and height W: 39 cm, D: 19 cm, H: 9 cm
Weight of main unit 1.5 kg
Trolley min and max Height 120cm – 153cm
Weight of trolley 10 kg
Standard Accessories 1 pc eye pad