Industrial Washing Machine

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  • Automatic Washing Machine (Washer Extractor) AM-XGQ


    1. Fully automatic, microcomputer-controller, freely programmable, 30 possible programs, operator could set flexible.
    2. High quality stainless steel, good appearance, long life.
    3. Full suspension shock structure, low shake, low noise, combination of shock absorbers and springs for maximum absorption, need no excessive foundations.
    4. Imported bearing, precise and durable.
    5. Fixed screws support for long-distance transportation, avoid shaking damage during transit.
    6. High quality inverter system, easily realize washing and extracting frequency stepless adjusting.
    7. Multiple sealing system, oil sealing , water sealing, stainless steel sealing.
    8. Built-out bearing lubrication, simple operation, convenient maintenance.
    9. Safety door interlock system, reduce fatigue, misuse and the risk.
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