Water Seal Chest Drainage System AM-12

Water Seal Chest Drainage System AM-12

Water Seal Chest Drainage System


The Disposable Water Seal Chest Drainage System, which is with specifications of single tube and double tube, is convenient for clinical use.

This Water Seal System II is composed with water seal chamber, collection chamber, suction control and suction indicator.



Definition of terms
Chylothorax: Collection of lymph fluid in the pleural space

Hemothorax: Collection of blood in the pleural space

Pneumothorax: Collection of air in the pleural space

Tension Pneumothorax: One way valve effect which allows air to enter the pleural space, but not leave. Air builds up and forces a mediastinal shift. This leads to decreased venous return to the heart and lung collapse/compression causing acute life-threatening respiratory and cardiovascular compromise. Ventilated patients are particularly high risk due to the positive pressure forcing more air into the pleural space. Tension pneumothorax can result in rapid clinical deterioration and is an emergency situation

Pleural effusion: Exudate or transudate in the pleural space

Under Water Seal Drain (UWSD): Drainage system of 3 chambers consisting of a water seal, suction control and drainage collection chamber. UWSD are designed to allow air or fluid to be removed from the pleural cavity, while also preventing backflow of air or fluid into the pleural space

Flutter valve (e.g. Pneumostat, Heimlich valve): One way valve system that is small and portable for transport or ambulant patients. Allows air or fluid to drain, but not to backflow into pleural cavity.
Indications for Insertion of a Ches