Veterinary Surgical Table AM-DWV-IIDD

Veterinary Surgical Table AM-DWV-IIDD


  1. Electric table: DWV-IIDD
  2. Top made with Stainless Steel Material helps to prevent from corrosion, rust and high temperature with drain
  3. Heated table helps to prevent from Hypothermia during small animal surgeries
  4. Controlled heating in temperature ranges from indoor temperature Celsius to 50°C
  5. 15 degrees at right-and-left side with machine control and 45 degrees at front-and-back side inclined with manual operation
  6. A3 armor plate base, chain wheel can move conveniently.
  7. Overall size of the top: 1400 x 650mm
  8. Table Height (Up/Down): 760-1060mm
  9.    Optional: Detachable filter which is good for ventilation.


Uses of an examination table
Examination tables are a piece of the necessary equipment in a veterinary clinic or hospital. Some uses are:

To carry out the physical assessment of the patient, which involves:
Checking the general appearance of the patient and behavior.

Auscultation, listening to the chest sounds with a stethoscope.

Palpation in different areas to look for any abnormalities.

To decide, and sometimes perform, the appropriate treatment for the animal.
Collecting samples or running diagnostic tests.
Triage: examining and rapid classification of a case.
Some exam tables have a scale to weigh the patient.