Veterinary Surgical Table AM-DWV-II

Veterinary Surgical Table AM-DWV-II


  1. Hydraulic table: DWV-II
  2. Top made with Stainless Steel Material helps to prevent from corrosion, rust and high temperature with drain
  3. 15 degrees at right-and-left side with machine control and 45 degrees at front-and-back side inclined with manual operation
  4. A3 armor plate base, Chain wheel can move conveniently
  5. Overall size of the top: 1400 x 650mm
  6. Table Height ( Up/Down ):820-930mm
  7.    Optional: Detachable filter which is good for ventilation


Uses of an examination table
Examination tables are a piece of the necessary equipment in a veterinary clinic or hospital. Some uses are:

To carry out the physical assessment of the patient, which involves:
Checking the general appearance of the patient and behavior.

Auscultation, listening to the chest sounds with a stethoscope.

Palpation in different areas to look for any abnormalities.

To decide, and sometimes perform, the appropriate treatment for the animal.
Collecting samples or running diagnostic tests.
Triage: examining and rapid classification of a case.
Some exam tables have a scale to weigh the patient.