Veterinary Infusion Pump AM-VET-100P

Veterinary Infusion Pump AM-VET-100P

Main Features

  1. Compact design

The compact and light saves space and is beneficial during patient transfer

Large & colorful LCD display

  1. User-friendly operation
  2. Soft key design, easy to operate
  3. Load directly the last infusion rate and volume limit
  4. Adjustable buzzer volume
  5. Top indicator light reflects the operation status as well as alarm case
  6. Night code to ensure good rest of patients
  7. Removable pump body easy cleaning
  8. Added safety

Free flow protection

The built-in flow stop feature helps reduce the risk of accidental free flow when pump door is open



The veterinary infusion pump is used in intensive care and anaesthesia. High precision electronics create complete safety for the patient. Using the program, the vet sets specific parameters: the dose of the drug, the speed of its administration, the time of the infusion. Using the program, it is possible to infuse several medicines at once; the pre-set electronic program will turn on the device promptly, calculate the dose of medicine and being infusion at a certain speed. Such infusions can be carried out at any time of day according to the parameters set by the electronic system.

The advantage of using a veterinary infusion pump compared to a conventional drip system is that the animal is in a position convenient for it, which allows the device to be used for resting animals and often changing their positions.

The infusion pump is configured so that they respond quickly and report with a sound signal about a blockage, obstruction to the flow of the infusion solution and inform you about the completion of the infusion. The infusion pump has a safe syringe change system, automatically locks the syringe, and determines it volume, which ensures a constant solution. An infusion pump has settings to calculate the dosage of the drug, considering the weight of the patient. The veterinary infusion pump operates from a 220V network or autonomously from the battery for a few hours, which allows for infusion in any convenient place.