Veterinary Anesthesia machine AM-V-902P

Veterinary Anesthesia machine AM-V-902P


  1. No electricity will be needed,only manual operation
  2. Module rack with polyester medical material, high strength and light weight.
  3. Superior thin spray technology, delicate color, beautiful and durable.
  4. High precious vaporizer, Halothane,Enflurane, Isofurane and Sevoflurane could be choosed freely
  5. Main unit are only 2Kg(w/o vaporizer), light weight and easy to move
  6. With a dedicated handle, could move by hand-pull.
  7. Two gas source:O2 ,N2O, suitable for more patient type
  8. Classical CO2 circle absorber with 1 canister,low resistance,minimum gas leakage, 60cmH2O peak pressure solution.
  9. Ventilator (Optional):TH-1,TH-1A



Technical Specifications

Ventilation mode Closed, Semi-closed, Semi-open
Application 2-100KG animals
Gas source O2, N2O   0.25Mpa~0.65Mpa
Two tube (O2, N2O) Scope,0—10L/min.With linkage device,O2 concentration not low than 25%
O2 flush more than 25L/min
Respiratory mode Manual,Oxygen
TV 50~2000mL
I:E according to the doctor operation
BPM according to the doctor operation
APL Valve pressure 0.5-6KPa
Monitoring Airway pressure,respiratory mode
Three Gauges one for O2 ,one for N2O, one for airway pressure
Environment Requirement
Temperature Operation: 18~36 ºC
Storage: -20~55 ºC
Humidifier Operation:45%~75%
Atmospheric pressure Operation:0.95~1.05 bar
Storage: 500hPa~1060hPa
Altitude Operation:500 to 800mmHg (3565~-440m)
Storage:375 to 800mmHg (5860~-440m)

TH-1 Ventilator (Optional)

  1. Control method       Gas driving electronic controlled
  2. Display               High light LED display
  3. Ventilation mode     Volume mode and Manual mode
  4. Tidal Volume            50 ~ 1600ml
  5. Breath frequency     1 ~ 90BPM
  6. I:E ratio              4:1 ~ 1:6
  7. Monitor parameter   Tidal volume, breath frequency, MV
  8. Alarm           MV high alarm, MV low alarm, TV high alarm, TV low alarm