Ventilator AM-203

Ventilator AM-203




Technical Specifications

Display Mode High-definition 10.4” TFT color LCD screen
Ventilation Mode VCV, PCV, SIMV, PSV, PSV+SIMV, CPAP, PEEP, SIGH, Standby, IP, IRV
Ventilation Parameters Tidal Volume 20~1800 ml
Rate 1~120 bpm
SIMV Rate 2~20bpm
I:E 4:1~1:8
Pressure Trigger Sensitivity -1.0~2.0kPa
Flow Trigger Sensitivity 1-20L/min
PEEP 0~2.0Kpa
Pressure Range 3~60cmH2O
Pressure Support 3~60cmH2O
SIGH 1.5 times the inspiratory time (60-120 adjustable)
Inspiratory Platform 0~50%
Oxygen Concentration 21~100%
Pressure Limitation 5~60cmH2O
Pressure Slope 1~10 gear
Flow Rate Setting 1~10 gear
Expiratory Trigger Pressure -1.0~2.0kPa
Time Control 1~10s
Parameters for Ventilation Monitoring Tidal volume, ventilation volume, IPPV rate, SIMV rate, total respiratory rate, I/E, peak pressure of airway, average pressure, pressure – time waveform, flow rate – time waveform,

PEEP, inspiratory trigger pressure, Inspiratory platform (autonomous inspiratory rate, lung compliance, airway resistance, flow -volume loop, pressure-volume loop).

Monitoring of Oxygen


Power AC 220V±10% 50Hz±1Hz; UPS, Storage battery
Mechanical Arms
Air Compressor
End-expiratory CO2 Monitoring (Optional Parts)
Oxygen Concentration Alarm Upper Limit Setting Range 21%~100%
Low Limit Setting Range 10%~80%
Airway Pressure Alarm Upper Limit Setting Range 0.3~6.0 kPa
Low Limit Setting Range 0.2~5.0 kPa
Per-minute Ventilation

Volume Alarm

Upper Limit Setting Range 3.0~30L/min
Low Limit Setting Range 1.0~10L/min
Respiratory Rate Upper Limit Setting Range 50~99bpm
Low Limit Setting Range 0~50bpm
Tidal Volume Upper Limit Setting Range 10~2000ml
Low Limit Setting Range 0~1800ml
Sustained High-pressure


It will give alarm when stress have consistently been higher than 2.5kPa.
Suffocation Alarm It will give sound and light alarm if there is no tidal volume input for 15 seconds.
Power Alarm; Gas Shortage Alarm; Intubation off Alarm