Ultrasound Bone Densitometer AM-ABD-3000

Ultrasound Bone Densitometer AM-ABD-3000

Working Principle And Scope

Working principle: The ultrasound probe transmits ultrasound waves to the ultrasound probe, and the ultrasound wave penetrates the heel of the tested person to reach another ultrasound transducer. Because the ultrasound wave is transmitted through different bones and the ultrasound velocity and attenuation are different, through calculate SOS, BUA, T-Score and Z-Score, and use screen or printer to display. Finally, the doctor can make conclusion according to the measure data.

Working scope: Ultrasound was used to measure calcaneus.




  1. Measurement parameters QUS
  2. Measurement parts              Calcaneal Bone
  3. Measurement Time              15 seconds – 25 seconds
  4. Ultrasound Parameter         BUA (Broadband Ultrasound Attention)
  5. SOS (Speed of Sound)
  6. BMD/BQI (Calcaneal Bone Parameters)
  7. Diagnosing Parameter        SOS, BUA, BQI, BMI, T-Score, Z-Score
  8. Operating temperature               17-36°C
  9. Humidity                   0-80%R.H
  10. Electrical Power Requirement: AC 100-240V,50/60HZ

Host Machine Component

Base and cover The structure and appearance of equipment
Switching power and control panel Hardware circuit, signal acquisition, processing,interface
Ultrasound probe Transmitting and receiving ultrasound signals
Oil balloon The internal filling oil ensure ultrasound coupling
Leg plate (foot plate) Fix leg position
Foot pedal Fix foot position
Power indicator Showing the working state of the equipment

Comparison Table

MODEL ABD-3000 ABD-3000+
Probe Fixed Auto Adjustment
Built-in printer No Yes
USB Interface One Two
Charging port No Yes
Subject Group Adult Adult+Child
Touch Panel computer No Yes