Semi-automatic Microtome AM-3358

Semi-automatic Microtome AM-3358


AM-3358 Semi-automatic microtome is new model after AM-202, AM-1508, and AM-2258. This model adopts advanced, modern histopathology research technology. It has stable performance, ergonomic concept. Main spare parts are imported from overseas. This model stands for very advanced technology and new development direction of histopathology research.





-Advanced driving systems, functions of section, trimming, fast forward, backward etc.

-LCD screen shows section and trimming thickness range, numbers of section and trimming

-Section and trimming mode can be finished by controlling systems

-Hand wheel can be locked at any position to assure user’s safety

-Large waste tray, easy to unload

-Universal cassette clamp and standard specimen clamp; emergency stop systems

Technical Specifications

-Section thickness range: 0.25~60μm

0.25~1μm: increment 0.25μm

1~10μm: increment 1μm

10~20μm: increment 2μm

20~60μm: increment 5μm

-Trimming thickness range:0.25~60μm

-Minimum setting value: 0.25μm

-Object feed: 28mm

-Vertical stroke: 60mm

-Maximum specimen size: 50 x 50mm

-Precision error: ±5%

-Working Voltage: AC220V 50Hz; AC110V 60Hz; Net weight: 24kg