Raised Toilet Seat AM-7060B/C/D

Raised Toilet Seat AM-7060B/C/D


-7060B: with armrest

-7060C: height sizes available: 2”, 4”, 6”

-7060D: height sizes available: 2”, 4”, 6”



Benefits of Raised Toilet Seats

Raised toilet seats make a primary activity of daily living (ADL) easier and safer. When going to the bathroom is difficult or physically taxing, some people intentionally avoid it, leading to other health problems, such as urinary tract infections or severe constipation. Having and using a raised toilet can be a contributing factor to maintaining one’s overall health.


Additional Raised Toilet Seat Features

Several other raised toilet seat features may make using the bathroom easier for a person in need of extra assistance. These features include:

Elongated bowls. While the standard raised seat is designed to fit over a standard round toilet seat, elongated oval raised seats exist as well to fit over more contemporary toilet seat designs.

Support arms. Some raised seats have handles on the sides, allowing seniors to grip for support when sitting and standing.

Hinged seats. A standard raised toilet seat doesn’t have a lid or offer a way to fold up the seat for others who don’t need the elevated seating. However, independent units with adjustable legs often have hinges that allow the seat to fold upward when not needed and a lid that folds down to cover the toilet bowl when not in use.

Seat padding. Some raised seats are made of cushioned plastic to provide additional padding when seated. These seats should be replaced if they become worn with use to avoid damaging the skin.