Protective waistcoat Apron AM-PB01

Protective waistcoat Apron AM-PB01



The medical high-collar waistcoat apron is made from crude rubber and litharge lead oxide yellow. They are processed and packed in wrapping cloth.

The lead equivalent:  0.5mmPb.

The high-collar Waistcoat Apron are mainly used for the protection from X-ray.

The customers can choose the high-collar waistcoat apron of different specifications according to their needs.

It is applicable to the protection from X-ray in the medical treatment organizations.

Before operation, the operator should check the surface packing cloth(inner and outer) of the high-collar waistcoat apron whether it is firm or not, check whether the connection of the fittings is firm, check whether the attenuation equivalent on the mark is suitable to the operator. After the examination, put on the high-collar waistcoat apron on your body. Then start the operation.