Oxygen Mask-Venturi AM

Oxygen Mask-Venturi AM

Oxygen Mask-Venturi


1) Oxygen Mask-Venturi

2) Clear and soft vinyl for patients’ comfort

3) Visual patients’ assessment adjustable nose clip assures comfortable fit adults

4) Adult elongated, pediatric elongated

5) Medium concentration with tubing



It delivers oxygen, with a specific concentration from 24% to 50% minimum.
The kit of the mask includes the tubing, humidity cup and multiple jets, which are color-coded and indicating the percentage of oxygen.
FiO2 ranges 24% (4 LPM), 28 % (4 LPM), 31% (6 LPM), 35% (8 LPM), 40% (8 LPM), 50% (10 LPM)
The mask has an adjustable nose clip and an adjustable strap to esnure the mask can be fitted securely.
Length of the oxygen tube: 1.5 to 2.1m
Material: mask and tubing made from medical grade PVC
Anti-crush tubing is terminated with a “standard” connector
Single use, non-sterile item.
Adult size