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Mobile High Frequency Dental X-ray Unit AM-ADM-10P


Frequency: 32KHZ

Tube voltage: 60KV

Tube current: 1.5mA

Exposure time: 0.02-4sec

Distance from skin to cone: 130mm

Tube focus: 0.3mm*0.3mm

Output voltage: DC16.8V

Battery: DC14.8V, 6400mAh

Leak radiation: Outside one meter≤0.002mGy/h

(National standard: 0.25mGy/h)

Ambient temperature: 5℃~40℃

Relative temperature: <75%RH

Optional color: grey, pink, light green

ADM-10P Mobile X-ray Machine is with remote control exposure function



-This portable dental X-ray unit is high frequency machine.

-The body is small, lightweight and nearly no radiation.

-It has excellent image quality, portable storage, save more space.

-It uses high frequency and DC international power supply.

-All of the components installed in the central PC board concentrated.

-Shock, set-up, electron tubes, all of them are insulation vacuum, sealed stereotype protection.

-There are also manual buttons installed on the surface of shell, as well as batteries and charges.

-This unit mainly suitable for oral pre-treatment for learning internal organizational structure, root depth and so on is indispensable in daily life clinic equipment, especially for dental implant surgery.

-It can connect with sensor.

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