Manual Rotary Microtome AM-2258

Manual Rotary Microtome AM-2258


This model is specially developed for modern histopathology research. It adopts imported guide ways, ideal devise, stable performance, ergonomic concept, and its new development direction of histopathology research.





-Ergonomically mechanism structure internal; free of fatigue

-Both of steel knife and disposable blade can be used.

-Specimen clamp can be fixed flexible in 3-dimensional axis, convenient to adjust the cutting angle.

-Hand-wheel can be locked in any position.

-Specimen retraction, changeable specimen clamp system

-Blade holder can slide to and fro, lateral without touch blade

-Compatible with steel knife holder type N and disposable blade holder type E

-Easy clean enclose

-Easy clean litter groove.

Technical Specifications

-Range of the thickness of slice: 0.5~60μm.

-Setting thickness of slice ranges:
0.5~2μm: increment 0.5μm

2~20μm: increment 1μm

20~60μm: increment 5μm

-Tolerance: ±1%

-Minimum setting value: 0.5μm

-Specimen horizontal feeding: 28mm.

-Specimen Stroke Length: 60mm.

-Maximum section of slice: 60 x 50mm

-Mechanized advance/return range: 0~28mm.

-Trimming thickness of slice ranges: 1-60μm
-Dimension: Length x Width x Height: 500 x 460 x 300mm; Weight: 27kg.