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Electrosurgical Unit AM-ESU-2000A (LED)




  1. Max 300W Electrosurgical Generator, with mono-polar and bipolar function.
  2. Seven working modes: pure cut, blend1, blend2, contact coag, forced coag, bipolar coag, bipolar cut.
  3. The electrosurgical generator is used to control bleeding and surgical cutting in all general and open surgical procedures
  4. Control panel, three-way power output, with different audible and visual indication

during the process of outputting.

  1. Patient return electrode monitoring system and Power Peak System that provides

surgeons with improved performance at Lower power settings, minimizing the risk of

tissue damage.

  1. Applicable for Prostate Vaporizing Surgical Operation (TUR), perfectly used under

water. The electrosurgical generator can be cooperated with argon plasma coagulator, endoscope and laparoscope.

  1. Pencil Remoting Output. The output power can be controlled by the remoting

control pencil.

Configuration Sheet

Electrosurgical Pencil        5pcs

Electrosurgical Pad         10pcs

Electrosurgical pad cable     1pc

Footswitch                  1set

Bipolar Forceps and cable    1set

Technical Specifications

Power 220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz (110V±11V, 60Hz)
Operating Frequency 416KHz
Power Rating 1100VA±10%
Seven Working Modes Monopolar Cut a) Pure cut: 1W~300W (Load 800Ω)

b) Blend1: 1W~250W (Load 800Ω)

c) Blend2: 1W~200W (Load 800Ω)

Monopolar Coag d) Spray Coag: 1W~80W (Load 800Ω)

e) Soft Coag: 1W~120W (Load 800Ω)

Bipolar f) Bipolar Coagulation: 1W~50W (Load 200Ω)
Power Consumption ≤1100VA
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