Laryngeal Mask AM

Laryngeal Mask AM

Laryngeal Mask


Reusable Silicone Laryngeal Mask

Suitable for Adult, Children and Infant Use

Material: 100% silicone non-toxic and Harmless

Size: 1.0#, 1.5#, 2.0#, 2.5#, 3.0#, 4.0#, 5.0#



Laryngeal mask airways (LMA) are single-use or reusable supraglottic airway devices which may be used as a temporary method to maintain an open airway during the administration of anesthesia or as an immediate life-saving measure in a difficult or failed airway as outlined in the difficult airway algorithm published by many societies of anesthesiology worldwide. Introduced into clinical practice in the 1980s, they were initially used predominantly in the operating room but have become widely used in the intensive care unit, emergency department and field settings. LMAs are easier to use and more effective than a bag-valve-mask in the hands of basic life support providers and may be used as an alternative to intubation by advanced life support providers. Some models may be used as a conduit to facilitate endotracheal intubation