Infant Warmer AM-AW-2E

Infant Warmer AM-AW-2E




-10.4 inch color LCD touch screen with knob (self-adaptive brightness adjustment)

-Night and day model switches

-Low lightness far infrared ceramic heating lamp

-Ambient noise and light level display

-Hand free alarms silence

-Integrated SpO2 function (optional)

-Thermal conduction gel mattress

-Far infrared ceramic heating tube

-Self-adaptive Brightness Adjustment Touch Screen

-Integrated weight scale and resuscitation (optional)

-With storage drawer as standard configuration

Standard Configurations

Power Requirements Customer Specified
Power consumption:700VA (Maximum)
Heater capacity 550W
Dimensions 84(W)x110(D)x178-218(H)cm (Mattress surface:80-120cm)
Weight 100KG
Temperature Control Servo control (manual control also available)
Skin Temperature Setting range:34.0-38.0 °C
Display range:30.0-42.0 °C
Heater Output Setting range:0-100% (in 5%increments)
Indication Range:0-100 (in 10 levels)
Timer Time display range:0-60 minutes 00 seconds (in 1 second increments)
APGAR mode/CPR mode switchable
Lighting LED lamp Adjustable illumination intensity 0-1200lux
Mattress platform angle Inclination angle (back and forth):+13 °~-13 °

Optional Functions

Height Adjustment Up to 40cm
Weight Scale
Weight range 300g to 8kg
Weight display resolution 1g
Weight accuracy +/-10g
Pulse Oximeter Unit
Display range 1-100% SpO2
SpO2 alarm setting range Upper limit:50-99% (in 1% increments)
Lower limit:45-95% (in 1% increments)
Pulse rate display range 25-240bpm
Pulse rate alarm setting range Upper limit:80-240bpm, OFF
Lower limit:35-180bpm, OFF (in 5bpm increments)
Alarms SpO2 high/low limit, pulse rate high/low limit, SpO2 sensor
Resuscitation unit
Manometer Pressure indication:-2~8kPa (-20~80cmH2O)
Suction unit Suction pressure control range:0~26.7kPa (0-200mmHg)
O2 Blender Oxygen concentration control range:21~100%
Oxygen flow rate control range:0~15L/min
Resusci-flow unit PMAX setting range:19~58kPa (20~60cmH2O)
Default setting range:39kPa(40cmH2O)
Storage/Shipping Information
Temperature -25°to 60°C
Humidity 0-95%RH