High Frequency Mobile Digital C-arm System AM-AR-M20B

High Frequency Mobile Digital C-arm System AM-AR-M20B


Orthopedics: osteopathy, displaces, nailing.

Surgery: removing foreign body, implanting pace maker, interventional therapy, partial radiography, local photography, and other work.




  1. With a compact appearance, and easy to operate.
  2. Unique base electric auxiliary support arm design, it’s more security for using.
  3. A unique hand-held controller design, convenient to operate.
  4. With a high-quality knockdown X-ray generator to reduce radiation.
  5. With the Perspective KV, MA automatically track fluoroscopy to make the image brightness and clearness optimum.
  6. Toshiba image intensifier three view, the quality is stable and reliable, a good image clarity.
  7. Image acquisition and processing workstation

Registration: registration, medical records, Worklist

Collection: Start collection; prepare video, reset, horizontal mirror, vertical mirror, window adjustment, magnifying glass, negative image

Open silhouette, edge enhancement, recursive noise reduction

Processing; four windows, nine windows, sharpening, horizontal mirror, vertical mirror, text annotation, length measurement report: save, preview, expert template

Dicom features: Dicom browsing, web service

Automatically track fluoroscopy to make the image brightness and clearness optimum; Installation of dense grain grids, to further enhance image sharpness

  1. Automatic dynamic motion detection when fluoroscopy to avoid movement-related blurring, no silhouette

III. Configuration

1, New (with electric auxiliary support arm) C-arm host     1 set

2, High-frequency high-voltage X-ray generator and high-frequency inverter power supply(5KW、40KHZ、120KV)                         1  set

3, Toshiba 9-inch image intensifier three view(9inch/ 6 inch / 4.5 inch)1 set

4, Imports of super-low-light digital camera 1024×1024           1 set

5, CCU in the high-definition progressive output control system    1 set

6, Dense grain grids                                 1 set

7, Electric adjustable beam collimator                  1 set

8, 19 inch LCD display                               2 sets

9, hand-held controller                               2 sets

10, Foot switch for exposure                          2 sets

11, Red-cross positioned                             1 set

10, Digital work station with printer                    1 set

  1. Technical Specifications


Photography Max rated capacity 5KW
Fluoroscopic ax rated capacity Tube Current 4mA, Tube Voltage 120kV
Automatic Fluoroscopy Tube Voltage: 40kV~120kV adjust automatically

Tube Current: 0.3mA~4mA adjust automatically

Manual Fluoroscopy Tube Voltage: 40kV~120kV Continuous

Tube Current: 0.3mA~4mA Continuous

Pulse Fluoroscopy Tube Voltage:40kV~120kV Continuous

Tube Current: 0.3mA~8mA Continuous

(1,) intelligent frequency conversion technology is more advanced

(2,) improves the quality of single-frame images and reduces the amount of radiation

(3,) the tube is protected, continuous working time is extended

(4,) frequency: 0.5 ~ 8pps (frame / s) pulse length

Photography Tube Voltage and mA 40 kV~120 kV  20-100mA  1.0mAs~180mAs
Plate holder Size 200mm×250mm(8″×10″) or


X-ray Tube X-ray Tube Special for High Frequency Fixed anode Dual-focus, 0.3/1.5,

Inverter Frequency: 40KHz

Anode capacity: 35KJ (47KHU)

Tube thermal capacity: 650kJ(867kHu)



Image Intensifier Image Intensifier made by TOSHIBA (9″)

Three view(9inch/ 6 inch / 4.5 inch)


Image definition indicators 12 bit

CCD Video camera 1 Mega Ultra low-light CCD camera
Monitor 19”LCD monitor *2:

Resolution 1280*1024,

CCU(central control) Recursive Filter: K=8, 8 images storage, image upright, image overturn, positive & negative image;LIH(last image freeze, and OSD (monitor display)
Structural performance Directive wheel ±90°revolution, can freely change the moving direction of the unit.
C-arm Forward and Backward Movement: 200mm

Up and down:400mm

Revolution around Horizontal Axis: ±180°

Revolution around Vertical Axis: ±15°

Focus screen distance: 960mm

C-arm opening: 740mm

C-arm arm depth: 640mm                     Slide along the orbit: 120°(+90°~ -30°)