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High Frequency Medical Radiographic X-ray system AM-AR-221H


High frequency 50KW X-ray machine, with 150kV、630mA is suitable for general photography, filter photography and chest radiography in general hospitals and health care units at all levels.




Standard Configuration

No Photo Item Technology Parameter
1 Generator Output Power: 50kW
High frequency output:  400kHz
kVp Range:  40-150 KV
mA Range: 10-630mA
Exposure Timer Range:  0.001-6.3s (maximum)
mAs Range (non-AEC): 0.1-630mAs
Anatomical Programs (APR): 768
Options: AEC, DAP
Input Phase / Voltage:  3 phase, AC380V±10%, 50±1Hz
2 X-ray Tube Nominal focal spot value: 0.6mm (small focus)/1.2mm (large forcus)
Rotation speed (min-1): 2700rpm@50Hz, 3200rpm@60Hz
Maximum tube voltage: 150kV
Maximum filament current: 370mA (small focus)

/ 760mA(large focus)

Anode Heat Content: 150kHU (111KJ)
Max rating (0.1s) (kw): 20/46kW@50Hz, 22/50kW@60Hz
3 Radiographic table Focal spot to tabletop/wall stand: 1100mm (min)
Stand Tube vertical travel range:≧750mm
Tube transverse travel range: ≧1250mm
Tube rotation around table column:  ±135°± 2°
Tube rotation about the horizontal axis:+180°to -180°, locked at each 0°, 90°, 180°, 270°
Table Standard table top size: L2200mm×W785mm
Table height: 690mm
Table top travel, longitudinal:  1000mm (min)
Table top travel, transverse: 160mm (min)
Gird Size: 388mm×464mm (15″×18″)
R=10:1, f=100cm, N=40 line/cm
4 Collimator Control method: Manual
Maximum X-ray field coverage range: 43cm*35cm
The average brightness of the light field: >150lux
Input power: 24V AC, 10A
5 Wall stand Minimum focal spot height: 800mm
Vertical height: 2000mm
Vertical travel range: 1000mm (min)
Film size: 8″×10″,10″×12″,11″×14″,14″×14″, 12″×15″, 14″× 17″
Grid Size: 388mm×464mm (15″× 18″)
R=10:1,  f=180cm, N=40 line/cm
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