High Frequency Digital Radiography X-ray System AM-ARI-8500

High Frequency Digital Radiography X-ray System AM-ARI-8500

  1. I. Application

This machine is applied to take radiography on every part of human body, such as head, limbs, chest, limbus and abdomen and etc.




  1. II. Specification

frequency X-ray machine

Output power 50kW
Main inverter frequency 260kHz
X-ray tube Dual-focus X-ray tube Small focus:0.6 Large focus:1.2
Output power 22kW/50kW
Anode Capacity 210kJ(300kU)
Anode Angle 12°
Speed of rotating anode 3200rpm
Tube Current 10mA – 650mA
Tube voltage 40-150kV
mAs 1-1000mAs
Exposure Time 0.001-6.3s
AEC Option

Digital Image System



Digital Detector

Field of view 17”X17”
Pixel 3K X 3K
Ultimate spatial resolution 3.7LP/mm
Pixel size 139um
Output grayscale 14bit
Imaging time ≤9s
Image Workstation Acquisition module Inside enhancement module
Image information management Dicomimage transmission

Dicomfilm printing

Dicomimage storage (hard disk, compact disk)

Mechanical structure  and performance U-arm Vertical movement range ≥1250 mm (motorized control)
Focus-screen movement range 1000mm-1800mm (motorized control)
Rotation range -40°-+130° (motorized control)
Detector rotation -40°-+40°
Photography table


Table size 2000mm*650mm
Table height ≤740mm
Transverse movement 200mm (electromagneticlock)
Longitudinal movement 100mm (electromagnetic lock)
Power supply 380V 50/60Hz