Hand-held EtCO2+SpO2 monitor AM-HC-25

Hand-held EtCO2+SpO2 monitor AM-HC-25

Product Introduction

The HC-25 CO2/SpO2 monitor is a compact handful monitor which provides accurate CO2 /SpO2 monitoring. The system’s reliable performance, ease of use, flexible design and affordable cost makes it the ideal monitoring solution for adult, pediatric and infant patients; patients undergoing procedural sedation; and short- term monitoring of patients.

HC-25 automatically identifies and quantifies the end-tidal CO2, inspired CO2 and respiration rate. The system uses with a 2.8 inch colorful LCD and its Lithium battery can support 8 hours at most. Additionally, it could save historical data automatically in a SD card and users could review these data through a PC software.




Product Features

  1. Monitors end-tidal CO2 and inspired CO2 accurately at high respiration rate
  2. Gas monitor with cutting-edge water filter tube
  3. Easy to learn, easy to use-simplified menus and dedicated function keys
  4. Compensation including barometer pressure, oxygen, N20 and anesthetic gas
  5. 8 hours working time, 24 hours standby time
  6. 96 hours historical data replay on PC

Technical Specifications

PARAMETERS Specifications
System Sample mode Sidestream
Principle Non-dispersive Infrared (NDIR)
Sample rate 50mL/min



Units mmHg,%
Measure range 0-114 mmHg, 0-15%
Resolution 0.1 mm Hg 0 to 50 mmHg
0.25 mm Hg 50 to 114 mmHg
Accuracy ±2 mmHg 0-40 mmHg
±5% of reading 40-114 mmHg
Compensation Barometric Pressure Automatic measuring
N2O compensation User Selectable
O2 Compensation Set by Host
Respiration Rate Measure range 2-120 Breath per minute (BPM)
Resolution 1 breath/min
Accuracy ±1 BPM or ±1%, whichever is greater
Alarms Indication Audible; Visual
Silence Yes; one minutes; two minutes or permanent
Trend Memory 96-hours historical data saving
Display Display on PC monitoring system
Interface&Display Keys Menu/OK; Up; Down; Cancel; Start/Stop
Screen 2.8 inch color LCD
Resolution 320 X 240 pixels
Sweep speed 6.25 mm/s, 12.5 mm/s
Language English; Chinese
Physical Properties Weight About 1KG
Size 15.2 cm (H) X9.2 cm(W) X 4.2 cm(D)
5.98 inch(H) X 3.61 inch(W) X 1.65 cm(D)
Power Requirements Voltage supply 220 AC; 50 Hz
Power consumption About 2W typical
Battery A sealed lithium battery
Battery life At least 8 hours
Recharge time 4 hours
Environmental Operating temperature 5- 35 °C
Storage temperature -5-50 °C
Operating humidity 15% – 90%, non-condensing