Fully Automatic Urine Analyzer AM-KU-500

Fully Automatic Urine Analyzer AM-KU-500


– Low noise during operation

– Built-in PC, large-capacity storage drive, storing millions of test results

– Perfect quality control system

– Optional bar code reader, convenient for information management

– Perfect alarming system

– 8 inch LCD touch screen, Windows system operation platform, English operation interface, simple and convenient

– Able to be connected with external monitor

– With USB interface, network interface and RS-232 interface, data copy, system updating, and connection with departments or hospital’s information system can be realized



Test Items

  • 12 Chemical Items: white blood cell(WBC), occult blood(BLD), urobilinogen(UBG), glucose(GLU), ketone body(KET), bilirubin(BIL), Power of hydrogen(PH), Viatamin C(VC), specific gravity(SG), urine protein(PRO), nitrite(NIT), microalbumin(MAL)
  • 1 Physical Item: Color detection

Full Automation

  • Automatic system for inserting, sampling, strip-choosing, Dropping, detecting,Cleanning and waste strip/liquid discarding.
  • Automatic system analyzing and report printing.

Detection System

  1. Sampling volume≥ 2ml
  2. Detection speed:240samples/hour
  3. Inwall flushing and outwall spraying technology, prevent cross contamination from carry.
  4. Accurate quantitative sampling system to avoid cross contamination.
  5. Fast and Accurate strip-choosing system improve efficiency.
  6. Specially Emergency detect function.

Fully Enclosed Strip Tank


  1. Large strip capicity, >300 test strips.
  2. Built-in desiccant, prevent strip from dampness or oxidization.
  3. Easy to use, strips can be added at any time