Extrication Device AM-AFA-7H

Extrication Device AM-AFA-7H

Detailed Product Description

It may be used for both extrication and fracture management. Also designed to be used as a papoose for small children or as a restraint in behavioral emergencies. Both radiological and Advanced Life. Standard extrication device procedures apply with the use of product. Allows for spine and thorax immobilization. Designed to reduce the risk of further aggravating injuries while extricating patients.

Trapped in automobile seats and other confined areas. May also be used as a hip and pelvic splint. The use of plastic.1” and 2” side release buckles make disinfecting easy and thorough. Also available as a Velcro version. U.P.Material allows complete disinfection. Heat sealed to prevent contamination. Replaceable head, body and leg straps add life to the effective use of the unit. Silk screening of your department name on the main body and carry case is available.

Product Size: 88*83cm    4pcs/catron

Packing Size: 86*29*35cm

N.W.: 3.5kg            G.W.:15.2kg





  • Provides both immobilization and comfort with a built-in plywood spine board along the back
  • It is applied to the injured rib.
  • Three color-coded body straps with quick-clip, snap-lock buckles make it simple to apply in low light or cramped areas.
  • When used in conjunction with a cervical collar, it provides immobilization in sitting position until patient can be transferred to a long spine board.
  • Comes complete with two reusable, plastic-coated head/chin straps, neck pad and durable carrying case.