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ENT Treating Desk AM-1800SH


  1. Super-mute oil-less host, which greatly reduces the noise and extends the life of the host.
  2. The working table which is made of environmental and high-class steel and marble and the baking sheet fission writing desk are smooth, abrasion-resistance, corrosion-resistance, scratch-resistance, impervio us and non-stick oil.
  3. Spray guns including 3 spray pistols and 6 powder guns, matched with exquisite loop design, inductive control, long service life.
  4. Control  panel  controls  electric  chair,film viewer, cold light source and others.
  5. Inner Waste tray and wastebin.


Technical Specifications

Power source 220AC 50-60Hz
Total Power 1200w
Positive Pressure Pump 100w
Negative Pressure Pump 250w
Versatile Cold Light Lamp 24V 50W Adjustable brightness
Table-Board Dimension L920×W900×H780(mm)
Standard Configuration quantity
Main Operating Desk 1
Super-mute Oil-less Positive Pressure Pump 2
Super-mute Oil-less Negative Pressure Pump 2
Mute Instrument 2
Spray Gun(4 straight and 2 bent) 6
Absorbing Gun 2
Blowing Gun 2
Warm-up Demist Device 2
Versatile Cold Light Lamp 2
Controller(weak electric controls strong one) 2
Main and Auxiliary Suction Bottles 2
Robot Arm and Upright 2
Equipment Set 2
Ointment Jar 6
Wastebin 2
Suction Tip 2
Phial 6
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