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Digital Mammography System AM-500

I. Application

A mammogram is a special, low-dose X-ray technique used to take a picture of the breast, detecting and diagnosing any abnormal lumps or masses in breast tissue. It is one of the best tools for the early identification of breast cancer. With early identification, breast cancer can be cured while in the first stage, and recovery is more likely.




II. Specification

Item Parameter Remark
X-ray Generator Generator Type: High Frequency Inverter 80kHz

Input Power: Single phase 220VAC, 50/60Hz

Radiographic Ratings:

Large Focal Point 20-35kV/10-510mAs

Small Focal Point 20-35kV/10-100mAs

Power Rating: 6.2kVA

Self-developed and world advanced  all-solid-state high frequency high voltage x-ray generator
X-ray Tube Focal Spot Size: Dual Focus 0.1/ 0.3mm

Target Material: Molybdenum (Mo)

Port Material: Beryllium (Be)

High-speed anode drive: 2800 /10000rpm

Target angle:10°/16°

Anode Heat Storage: 210kJ (300kHU)

Anode Cooling: Air cooling

Filtration: Mo(0.03mm), Al(0.5mm)

Model:IAE C339V

China tube for optional

Radiographic Stand C-ARM: Vertical Movement: 590mm

Center of electricrotating C-arm

Automaticreturn function by one key

Rotations Degree: +90°~-90°

Automatically released after the exposure pressure settingsdisplay

Compression flexible, stepless speed.

Max. pressure: 200N

Max. travel: 150mm

SID: 650mm

Electric Isocentricrotating
Flat Panel Detector Detector material: Amorphous silicon

Effective coverage of detector: 18x24cm

Pixel matrix: 3072×1944

Limit of spatial resolution: 6.0Lp/mm

DQE value: 70%

dynamic range: 14bit digital output

pixel size: 75μm

High voltage Synchronizer trigger: BNC

Output: Camera Link or Ethernet

Working condition: 10℃-40℃

storage environment: -10℃-50℃

China Flat Panel Detector

24x30cm for optional

Bucky housing and movement device Size: 374*304*65mm

Stepless speed regulating range: 0~6cm/s

Movement range: 0.5~2cm

Grid Size: 24x30cm

Grid ratio: 5:1

Grid density: 30lp/cm

Focal distance: 650mm

Image acquisition workstation CPU≥Intel Core Duo 2.60GHz

Hardware≥250G high speed Hardware


Display card≥512MB

high brightness high-contrast LCD,1280*1024 Pixel resolution

Network interface Work-list

DICOM3.0 transmission

100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet


Imaging software packageDMOC V1.0

Configuration including Diagnose digital workstation

5M medical monitor for optional

Others Line Voltage

220Vac±10%@25A,Single phase

110V for optional

III. Configuration

No. Item Quantity
1 X-ray Tube 1
2 X-ray Generator 1
3 Gantry assembly 1
4 C-ARM 1
5 Bucky movement device 1
6 Flat panel detector 1
7 Image acquisition workstation 1
8 Review work station 1
9 Paddle switch 2
10 Exposal switch and connected line 1
11 Power wire 1
12 Grounded wire 1
13 Fuse 2
14 Operation manual 1
15 Maintenance Reference Manual 1



  1. IV. Features
  2. Adopt specialized mammography flat panel detector digital imaging technology.
  3. Full size digital mammography x-ray imaging.

3. Unique adopt all-solid-state high frequency high voltage generator. This technology has got the PATENT IN THE USA.

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