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Digital Dental X-ray Sensor AM-DS530


Material: APS

Sensing area:30X20mm (600mm2)

Sensor Pixels:3.2 million pixels

Pixel size:19x19um

Resolution:> 20 lp / mm

Gray scale:12 bit

Life:> 100000 times


Line length (Material – Polyurethane):3m

Connection:USB standard


Sensor DS530
-Sensor external dimensions: 37.0*24.5*2.5mm
– Sensing region: 30X20mm (600mm2)
– Sensor pixel region: 1580*1050 pixels
-Sensing Pixel: 3.2 million pixels

– Pixel size: 20*20um
– Resolution: >20 line / mm
– Life: >100,000 times

Line Long (Material – PU): 3m
Grayscale: 12 bits
Connection: USB Standard


Sensor characteristics:

World recognized outstanding image quality, CRA assessed the test lab’s top APS sensor

Sensor housing using ultrasonic welding technology, the use of the patient can not easily be chewed. The unique design of smooth-sided triangular fillet sensors are comfortable without reducing the image size.

Direct USB2.0 connection, no external power supply

Built-in image converter chip

Programmable controller is no longer needed, more convenient and more concise

IP67 waterproof rating

3m cable (polyurethane material, can be extended to a maximum length of 18m)

Protection against accidental drops (1m at up to 15 times) to avoid

Image acquisition time of 3 seconds

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