Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography System AM-ADM-3000A

Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography System AM-ADM-3000A

  1. Clinical Application

Oral and maxillofacial cone beam computed tomography equipment

(dental CT) with 12cmX15cm flat panel detector, can be widely used in

oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, orthognathic surgery,

implant, dental, temporomandibular joint Preoperative and postoperative.

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  1. Using the world’s top high-end flat panel detector, high resolution,

small distortion, uniform brightness.

  1. Use exposure mode, only when needed to activate the X source. During the rotation of the 18s, the rays last only 4-8s. The effect of reducing the check dose, reached the international advanced level.
  2. 3000A proprietary three-dimensional reconstruction algorithm, the original two-dimensional sequence projection into a three-dimensional volume image, you can at any angle, any location to provide high-definition tomography.
  3. through the three-dimensional volume image extraction of oral panorama, can provide high-definition panoramic images.

5, the image can be used to generate reports, print or save as a report file.

6, can provide standing, sitting and wheelchair and other kinds of film.

III. Standard Configuration
1、Main Frame 1 set
2、High Frequency High Voltage X-ray Generator 1 set
3、19 inch color ordinary LCD monitor 1 set
4、12cmX15cm flat panel detector 1 set
5、Digital Acquisition Processing Workstation 1 set
6、Electrically adjustable collimator 1 set
7、Graphical LCD touch screen 1 unit
8、Wall-mounted control box 1 unit
9、Electrical control cabinet 1 unit
10、Printer (optional) 1 set


  1. Technical Specifications
Technical indicators Anode voltage: 60-92 kV
anode current: 1-15 mA.
Maximum output power: 1.38kw
parameter adjustment range: 60 ~ 92KV 1 ~ 15mA
Information display: KV, MA, lifting position information, human characteristics, laser indication and positioning
X-ray tube X-ray Tube Model: D-054SB (Toshiba)
Focus: 0.5
Heat capacity: 35kJ (50kHU)
photography mode: cone beam CT
Image system Thales flat panel detector 650HD-E image receiving size: 12cmX15cm flat panel detector
pixel size: 150
A / D conversion depth: 14bit
Acquisition mode: pulse mode
Detector Type: CMOS
Pixel matrix: 960 * 786
Limit resolution up to: two-dimensional ≥ 3.1 lp / mm
Structural Performance Column lift stroke: 1000mm
Lifting noise: <70dB (with buzzer sound)
Collision protection: Yes
Weight: 260kg
Dimensions: 788mm (width) X 1090mm (length) X 2200mm (height)
Power requirements: 220V / 50HZ / 2kVA
Space requirements: the required area of 5 square meters, unilateral 2 meters
The camera room should have a protective thickness of 2 mm lead
Electrical control device size: width 340mm, depth 550mm, height 650mm