Davit Wet and Dry Pendant AM-T.IVB

Davit Wet and Dry Pendant AM-T.IVB





AM-T.IVB Davit Wet and Dry Pendant, equal to T.IVA, to which transfusion device is added, occupying little room and complete functions.


– The hanging post and control cabinet of the tower crane adopt the imported high-strength aluminum alloy of patent technology for the one-off extrusion molding, and the surface undergoes the primary oxidation treatment.

– Aluminum molding tray with non-slip texture.

– Mechanical friction damping brake.

– The gas pipeline, power supply and computer communication line are separately arranged without interference.

– The imported German standard gas terminal (over 20,000 of pulling out and inserting) is adopted.

Technical Specifications

– Occupies little space; combine wet and dry

– One AIR\O2\VAC

– Four power outlets; one network outlet

Basic configuration

One discharge device (German style) for oxygen, suction gas and compressed air, four power outlets, one network outlets. (Optional gases)