Blood bank refrigerator AM-ABR-V658

Blood bank refrigerator AM-ABR-V658


The blood bank refrigerators are specially designed to store blood bags and blood-derived products.


Microprocessor control, ensure the inside temperature within 4±1°C.

The temperature accuracy is 0.1°C.

Specially designed forced-air cooling system, ensure frost-free cabinet and good temperature uniformity.

Three layer toughened glass door with heater to avoid condensation.

304 stainless steel inner chamber.

Wide available voltage range: 187V~242V.





Safety door lock and controller setting password to prevent unauthorized access.

– 72 hours build-in back-up battery to display temperature and alarms when power failure or system error.

– Visual and audible alarm system.

– Power failure protection: turn on delay of the cooling system after power failure.

– Controller error protection: when controller or two sensors failed, the device will keep working depending on the preset program.

Humanized design   

– 4 casters with stopper for easy moving and fixation.

– 12 adjustable shelves and 36 blood baskets for easy storing.

– Special designed service-free drainage system, ensure no water in the cabinet.

– Auto on/off LED light with manual switch on control panel.

– Auto on/off cooling fan to prevent cold air from leaking out when the door is opening.

– Temperature printer: print current inside temperature automatically per 15 minutes.

– Standard 25mm test hole for easy connecting to temperature monitoring systems.

 Technical Data

-Capacity: 658L

-Temperature range: 4±1°C

-Ambient temperature: 10~32°C

-Controller: Microprocessor

-Display: Digital display

-Compressor: 1

-Refrigerant: R134a

-Cooling type: Forced-air cooling

-Defrost type: Frost free

-Power supply: 220V 50~60Hz; 115V 60Hz

-Rated power: 364W

-Electrical current: 2.42A

-Power consumption: 6.31 kWh/24h


-Castor: 4

-Lamp: LED

-Shelf: 12

-Test hole: 1/25mm

-Temperature printer: 1

-Chart recorder: optional


-Interior size (W*D*H): 1100*454*1325mm

-Exterior size (W*D*H): 1225*640*1895mm

-Package size (W*D*H): 1330*740*2120mm

-NW/GW: 195/262.3kg

-Loading quantity (20’/40’/40’H): 12/27/27