Biopolar Forceps AM-1182

Biopolar Forceps AM-1182


-Special material & technology For Tip, Non Stick

-Many specifications of tips, fit in with different magnification

-Gun shape or straight shape, fit in with different surgery

-Different working lengths can fit in with different positions

-Excellent handle feel, won’t feel tired with long time operation



Before initial use and any other use, all instruments have to be completely cleaned, disinfected, sterilized and their
function checked.
It is very important to check each surgical instrument for visible damage and wear, such as cracks, breaks or
insulation defects before each use. In particular areas, such as blades, tips, notches, locking and blocking devices as
well as all mobile parts, insulations and ceramic elements have to be checked carefully.
Never use damage instruments.
Never use the instruments in the presence of flammable or explosive substances.
The instrument may not be laid down on the patient.
Frequently clean the tips from blood and debris.
Coagulation should only be performed if the contact surfaces are visible and ensure a good contact to the tissue
selected for coagulation. Do not touch any other metallic instruments, trocar sleeves, optics or the likes during use.