Baby Crib AM-BD08

Baby Crib AM-BD08

Product Description

1.     Steel epoxy with transparent GRP and castor

2.     Aluminum column, transparent and hi-inyensity baby basin

3.     The trenslenburg can also be adjusted by the gas spring system, trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg 15°

4.     Height adjustable by gas spring from 780mm to 980mm

5.     Four small flexible casters, can be braked respectively and without noise.

6.     This bed can take a bath or sleeping.

7.     Three color to choose: blue, green and pink





Product Parameters

1.     Overall size: L1080*W420*H780-980mm

2.     Inside size of mattress base: L1000*W360mm

3.     Tilt by gas spring:0-15°

4.     Height adjustable:780-980mm


Optional Accessory

Bedside cabinet