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Argon Electrosurgical Generator AM-ESU-2000Y




-Microprocessor controlled, digital display.

-Multifunctional Argon Electrosurgical Generator.

-REM system and Power Peak System that provides surgeons with improved performance at Lower power settings, minimizing the risk of tissue damage.

-The newest AIC technology, double pattern argon current regulation, may respectively output 0.2-3.0L/min and 1-15L/min current capacity, the adjustment length of stride respectively is 0.2L/Min and 1L/Min

-We use the SMART INTERRUPT safe system to real-time monitor nozzle pressure, which avoids nozzle jammed.

-It initiates AUTO-ADJ. Adaptive pressure adjustment, allowing 0.20-0.50MPa broad argon indefinite pressure inputting, avoiding the limitation of the on-the-spot source of the gas.

-It offers the effective and economical method for hemostasis and tissue deactivating in open surgeries, such as General surgery, hepatic surgery, Thoracic surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, gynecology and obstetrics surgery, etc.

Argon flow control system parameter

Flow rate Range           0.1~15.0L/min

Regulating Step            0.1L/min

Pressure of Nozzle       0-0.1MPa

Power Consumption    <100VA

Argon purity                   ≥99.99%

Argon capacity              4L

Pressure of Inputting     0.20-0.50MPa

AC Power                      AC90~250V, 50Hz

Technical Specifications

Power 220V±22V, 50Hz±1Hz (110V±11V, 60Hz)
Operating Frequency 416KHz
Power Rating 1100VA±10%
Function Working modes Power output


In load Frequency
Monopolar Cut Pure cut 300W 500Ω 416KHz
Blend1 200W 500Ω
Monopolar Coagulation Blend2 150W 500Ω
Spray 80W 500Ω
Bipolar Forced 80W 500Ω
Standard coag 50W 200Ω

Packing List

Main Unit                               1 set

Electrosurgical Pencil          5 pcs

Electrosurgical Pad             10 pcs

Electrosurgical pad cable    1 pc

Footswitch                             1 set

Bipolar Forceps                    1 pc

Bipolar Forceps cable          1 pc

Tip Clean Sponge                 1 pc

Argon Pencil                          1 pc

Laparoscopic Electrode      1 pc

Argon Gas probe                  1 pc

Electrosurgical snare           1 pc

Argon gas canister               1 bottle

Pressure reducing valve      1 pc

Ventilation connector           1 pc

Trolley                                    1 set

Power cord                           1 pc

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