Anaesthesia Trolley AM-AT850

Anaesthesia Trolley AM-AT850

Technical Specifications

  1. Size: 850*520*950mm
  2. Integral ABS surface, special concave top design covered with transparent plastic.
  3. Model A with 4 aluminum columns; Model B with 4 plastic-steel columns.
  4. Total with 5 drawers; 2 small, 2 medium and 1 big, each inner with partitions can be organized freely into different size units.

Accessories: dust basket, basket, anesthesia rack, centralized lock, stainless steel guard rail, luxurious whisht castors etc.



AM-AT850 Anaesthesia Trolley
ABS Trolley
* Professional service
* Good quality with competitive price

AM-AT850 Anaesthesia Trolley
* Size: 850*520*950mm/ Size: 750*475*920mm
* Size: 750*475*920mm
* ABS table top with transparent dust-proof pad, convex design to avoid down, SUS304 guardrail.
* With dust basket, sharp container, file bag
* 2 small drawers,2 middle drawers, 1 big drawer-Centralized lock
* With sliding shelves
* Multi-bin container
* Inner with partitions can be well organized
* Luxurious Noiseless casters with brake
A means: Aluminum alloy column
B means: Plastic-steel column