Dental Unit AM-DU-2311

Dental Unit AM-DU-2311

Work Unit Control Panel Assistant Unit Control Panel Dentist Work Unit With drop-proof angle and can be equipped with up to 5 instruments including scaler and handpieces.
Assistant Unit 4 holders assistant unit with anteroposterior position design equipped with standard syringe,
saliva ejector and strong suction , also can be optional equipped with curing light. Ceramic Cuspidor
Enameled ceramic is safe and easy to use. Removable ceramic cuspidor bowl makes theinfection control and cleaning simple and fast.
Built-out and independent filter for each suction hose for better performance and easy cleaning.



Standard Configuration

4 hole high-speed handpiece tubing with connector 2 set

Low-speed handpiece tubing with connector             1 set

3-way syringe (cold and hot)                           2 piece

Adjustable headrest                            1 set

Double armrest                             1 set

New design down-mounted tool tray with touch        1 set

5-posistion for handpieces,syringe and scaler

Water suction and saliva ejector                     1 set each

LED reflector operation lamp with sensor            1 set

American style lamp arm                          1set

Build in 24V X-film viewer                        1 set

24V DC motors                                 1 set

Asistant control system with touch                     1 set

Water purified system                             1 set

Water heating system                              1 set

Water bottle                                1 pcs

Auto water supply and flush cuspidor system                1 set each

Turnable ceramic cuspidor                    1 set

Multi-function foot pedal DU-108                       1 set

Dentist stool DU-008                              1 piece

PU leather cushion                                   1 set

Solenoid valve DU-097                            2 pcs

ABS plastic covers                                    1 set

PVC air and water tubes

All kinds of copper valves

Chair without memory

Chair frame without linked movement

Without safety system

Packing size: 142*100*110cm  16unit/20GP, 32unit/40HQ


Handpieces, scaler,curing light,air compressor,Oral camera system